Raymond Chong Fu

Funding Partner

Raymond Fu is founding partner of Jiangsu PaiTing Law Firm and he is counseling clients in patent law, corporation law, civil & commercial litigation and Investment law. Raymond has set up various WFOE and JV in Jiangsu province regarding company establishment, merger, separation, dissolution, acquisition, and other investment and operation legal consultancy, he has been retained as general counsel for Hurun China rich listed person’s companies, etc.

Yi Shan

Funding Partner

Ms. Shan is the founding partner, and managing partner of Jiangsu PaiTing Law Firm. She advised clients from a wide range of sectors, including financial institutes, retail, manufacturing, banking, and food industry. She has a strong local connection and her practicing area include criminal law, contract issues, mediation and the formation of business entities.

Lin Mei


Ms. Mei was graduated from Nanjing normal University where she received his LL.B degree in civil law. She started her legal career with an emphasis on practicing family law, and later joined PaiTing Law Firm and extended her practice area to criminal law defense and financial law.

Shifeng Tang


Mr. Tang gained himself qualified to practice China law since 2009 and he is very well-known in Nanjing-shanghai metropolitan area for his commercial note practice. Besides commercial note, he is also devoted in insurance law practice including commercial lending, property insurance practice and personal injury law practice.

Daolin Kuang


Mr. Kuang has been practicing in the dispute resolution, international trade and corporate matter areas for various clients since he entered legal service industry, including preparation, demonstration ,and implementation of solutions& enforcement of effective decrees and verdicts.