General Corporate

Corporation practice is one of PaiTing’s core practice area, our lawyers cover every step of business transaction, and serve various kind of companies from start-ups to industrial leaders with comprehensive corporate legal services, including:

  • Establishment and change of formation
  • Merger& acquisition
  • Asset transaction and disposal of equity interest
  • Share purchase
  • Corporate governance
  • Employee stock options and incentives design
  • Liquidation and dissolution

Foreign Direct Investment & Outbound Direct Investment

China is still receiving volumes of foreign direct investments, and the huge Chinese market always exist and the growing interest of outbound direct investment through Chinese companies are huge.

PaiTing represents foreign investors assisting setting up business vehicles in HongKong and Mainland China, and providing Foreign Direct Investment legal services. PaiTing’s foreign direct investment practices combines legal solutions with business solution with long-term retainership with two State-level High Tech Zone in Jiangsu Province, which provides foreign investors choices with incentives, tax benefits, insights, government grant, and incubators service, with the emphasis on Israel-related high technology companies.

PaiTing also represent Chinese companies in investing the “One belt One Road” state including Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, etc, from Chinese side registration& approval process to oversea transaction, legal disclosure, document preparations, and closing.

Construction Law

China’s construction market had been soared in last decades, yet slows down in recent years as disputes arises from past transactions, Paiting had been serving local and domestic construction giants company with total transaction amount exceeding billions of RMB, and we provides following legal packages and solutions to clients in construction law:

  • Tenderer and Tenderee-related legal service
  • Construction and subcontract review and drafting
  • Compliance legal advice for Construction
  • Project Finance
  • EPC full step legal advice
  • Dispute resolution in construction project

Dispute Resolution

PaiTing has an up-climbing team and abundant experience in Chinese Court& Arbitration dispute resolutions practice. Our attorneys had extensive experience in the full process of China Law dispute resolution process, and could tender the service in English. With our common law educated lawyers and strategic partner, we offer low cost and efficient service for foreign law and foreign company related dispute resolution service. We are particular focusing on the following dispute practices:

  • Shareholders related disputes
  • Contract law disputes
  • Commercial arbitration, litigation, and decree enforcement
  • Intellectual property right litigation with emphasis on patent litigation
  • Insurance law disputes with emphasis on property insurance
  • Commercial note and letter of credit disputes
  • Foreign Company and Foreign Law related litigation& Arbitration

Intellectual Property

Unlike most of the law firms in China, PaiTing’s intellectual property practice had a focus on Technology Know-How Law and the legal protection of technology holder companies in Technology transfer contract, especially in the field of manufacturing industry and health care industry. We also advice clients on:

  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Patent litigation and invalidation process

Criminal Law

PaiTing and its team of attorneys possess the requisite knowledge to advocate the strengths of your individual position, while capitalizing on any potential weaknesses involving the government’s case against you.  PaiTing and its attorneys will zealously advocate on your behalf and work diligently to ensure that you receive the best legal defense available. Our criminal practice including:

  • White-Collar Crime Defense
  • Bribery Crime Defense
  • Internet-hardware related crime defense
  • Corporate crime defense
  • Criminal Law risk investigation, disclosure, and compliance service

Family & Trust Law

PaiTing Family lawyers are equipped with the expertise in family law issues in China from a variety of systematic made-to suit” Marriage-Family-Enterprise-Wealth management” legal service, meanwhile, with our alliance in United States, we also offer US Trust vehicle service for Chinese High net worth families in their wealth management and succession business.

Our service including but not limited to

  • Pre-divorce consultant, asset screen, and risk assessment
  • Draft and review of prenuptial agreement
  • Divorce, alimony, and child support litigation
  • Inheritance Law service
  • Various Trust Setting up in USA

International Trade Law

We had been in service for companies in China exporting goods and tendering services for years and International trade law has always been crucial legal field of Painting. Our service in this fields including:

  • Maritime Law Disputes
  • Freight Law Disputes
  • Letter of Credit and other payment tools
  • China Custom and Commodity Inspection related disputes
  • Anti-dumping& Anti-subsidy Law advise

Insurance & Commercial Note

Our lawyers are equipped with the experience with insurance cases especially in cases in personal injury insurance, property insurance, commercial note, and structured commercial note& insurance designing and contract drafting. Our service in this field include:

  • Full-step Chinese Insurance Law consulting
  • Insurance law litigation
  • structured commercial note& insurance designing and contract drafting.
  • Commercial Note Declaration Process
  • Commercial Note recourse claim
  • Other Commercial Note disputes

Labor Law

PaiTing’s labor law team is focusing on service for enterprises on preventing its labor and employment risks. We have served major manufactures tycoons with huge employees in China on systematic Chinese employment law legal service, including:

  • Drafting Specialized labor contract, confidential agreement, non-competition agreement, etc
  • Package of employment manual and procedures
  • Specific Training on Client’s Human Resource department
  • Legal compliance service of Employment relocation& dismissal
  • Labor law dispute negotiation and resolution